Photos and videos of the Cobourg Cycling Club.

Pics from Cyclocross at Sinclair Park

The morning air was cold but that didn’t stop 17 Cobourg Cycling Club members from layering up and coming out to our first cyclcross event at Sinclair Park. A great group and a fun course made for an amazing day.

Thanks to Pete Hennessy for spearheading the idea and designing the course and to everyone who helped set up and take down. I hope everyone’s looking forward to the next one!

Click the pic below to see all the images from today’s ride.

First Fall Ride

10 CCC members came out today for the first gravel ride of the fall all with different riding abilities and a nice mix of bikes ranging from cross, to mountain and even a couple single speeds. We were treated to sunshine, great road conditions and spectacular views which left nothing but smiles on everyone’s faces!

Thanks to all who came out and to Pete for leading, stay tuned for more great fall riding coming soon!

Amazing ride!

Big D’s Coffee Ride Post-Ride Report

Great September weather took us to Brighton for a loop around the Park, and then for coffee. We all rode together, no one dropped. We had some fun along the way too. Louis took some sprint points. Pink Jersey and ‘all. Next time it’ll be a green. Jamie’s theory “don’t let the sprinters sprint!” Riding up the road to take away the advantage. Got news for you J, that only works once. 🙂 Peter got in mix with a sneak attack at the last possible second. Jeff took some self loathing points, working the crowd!
12 of us made the coffee stop in Brighton. We had the entire patio to ourselves. Treats and java fuelled the ride back. Everyone took pulls at the front, our double paceline riding is really evolving and looking great. Thanks again, that was just plain fun.
Final points.
1. Janet
2. Kirsty
3. Big D.

Hey – it’s my ride – I make the decisions!

Ride bike – go fast.