Photos and videos of the Cobourg Cycling Club.

Amazing Day At Presqu’ile

15 CCC members were treated to good company, great racing and perfect conditions at this past Sunday’s Presqu’ile Pursuit.

Our seasoned timekeeper did a fantastic job of grouping the riders fairly and it all came together beautifully at the end with riders from all 4 groups finishing within a minute of one another. There were some great battles out there but the 2 man group of Jamie Barnes and Jeff Clark proved that they had what it took to work together and bring it home with Jamie coming across first, Jeff second and from the last group to leave was Derek Harnden who also had an amazing ride finishing third.

To top off a great morning, we were all invited back to Chris and Julie Herten’s place for a delicious lunch and some well deserved caloric replenishment!

Thanks again to the Hertens for hosting, Dave Singfield for his expertise, and all the wonderful volunteers, photographers and racers who came out to make the day a success. We look forward to doing it again next year!

1st                   Jamie Barnes                         35 min.  48 sec.
2nd                  Jeff Clark                                @ 2 sec
3rd                   Derek Harnden                      @10 sec
4th                  Greg Cushing                          @25 secs
5                     Chris Herten
6                     Mark Essak
7                     Helmut Bock
8                     Kirsty Brown
9                     Stewart Richardson
10                   Dennis Poort
11                    Peter Rhines
12                   Dina Martin
13                   Gordie Martin
14                   Brad Martin
DNF                Martin Smith (Flatted on the last lap)

Dave Singfield, Roy Martin, Tom Lyle, Kevin Jenkins, Linda Essak, Sarah Smith (photography)

Kevin Raper Trophy Time Trial Pictures and Results

What a great day for racing bikes! Thanks to all who came out to participate in Kevin’s name and a very special thanks goes to Dave and Dot Singfield for all their help putting this together.

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Kevin Raper 2013

Women’s 25km ITT
Rider Time
1 Kirsty Brown 1.01.19
Kevin Raper Trophy 50km ITT
Rider Lap 1 Split Time
1 Chris Herten 43.50 1.26.55
2 Derek Harnden 43.10 1.31.31
3 Peter Hennessy 45.08 1.31.56
4 Dennis Poort 47.22 1.36.55
5 Jamie Barnes 49.08 1.39.51
6 Gord Plue 48.46 1.40.14
7 Jeff Clark 50.44 1.43.41
8 Peter McMullen 52.11 1.45.41
9 Mark Galanter 51.36 1.48.14
10 Stewart Richardson 55.19 1.59.59
11 Adrian Greenwood 59.20 2.06.31

Timekeepers: Dave and Dot Singfield

Amazing Turnout for Triple Township Ride

Thanks so much to everyone who came out for the 2nd Annual Triple Township Ride, we had a third of the Cobourg Cycling Club join us between the two distances! Great weather and two amazing crews of people made for some fantastic cycling and hanging out on the deck with lunch and refreshments afterwards topped off a perfect day.

Thanks again, we’re already looking forward to next year!

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triple 50 triple 90 triple lunch

triple arrow

Pics from Thursday’s Tempo Ride

Sorry for the delay on these, I’ve been out riding!

We had perfect weather and a great turnout for Thursday’s tempo ride which took us out as far as Eddystone and back to Cobourg. Thanks to everyone who came out and especially to those members new to this style of riding who were very eager to learn and had tons of questions.


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