Ride Report – May 4th-10th 2015

TT Ride Report – May 5th

Another great TT night with 19 riders getting out to enjoy the warmer weather.  For the 13 riders making back to back appearances, times seemed to be 3% slower than the previous week. This was likely due to the slight wind from the SE which makes the lakeshore course show a little more teeth.  The potentially harder conditions however did not stop some riders from getting their fastest times for 2015. Keep up the great work everyone. If you haven’t checked already result are posted here.

Thursday Tempo Ride Report – May 7th

Some solid numbers also made it out on Thursday to help make the second tempo ride a success. After rolling out to Grafton together, two groups formed.  ‘A’ group rider group consisting of 6-7 riders were tapping out some serious lap times averaging 35-39km/hr. The ‘B’ group of 8 riders focused more getting comfortable in a paceline while still doing a great effort. Hopefully all new and seasoned riders had a great time, got a good workout while improving group technique. Feedback is always appreciated on the new course and how to make things better. If numbers continue to hold or hopefully grow perhaps 3 groups of 5-7 riders can form to the various abilities. Level 2 – 25-30km group, Level 3 – 30-35km/hr group and Level 4 35+km/hr group. Those who couldn’t make it out the next tempo ride is scheduled for Thursday May

Presidents Ride – Ascent To Alderville – May 9th

ascent to alderville 2015

Thanks to CCC President Stewart Richardson for leading the 2nd annual Presidents ride. For the first CCC group ride of the year conditions were perfect. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it but it sounded like everyone had a great time and judging by the photo made it to Alderville.

For group rides like this to happen which everyone loves, we need ride leaders.  If your interested in leading a weekend group ride please let us know and we will help communicate the details. Rides can be of various levels and distances.

TT Report – April 28

TT Report – April 28, 2015

A season high turnout tonight with 20 riders taking to the course. As can be seen in the picture below the bugs are back (hopefully only for a little bit) but that didn’t slow anyone down.  Riders that also rode last week were an average 3.9% faster this week. Perhaps it was the warmer conditions, extra training, or was everyone riding harder to get that pot of gold at the finish line.

IMG_7968       image1


Results have been updated to the spread sheet.


1st Spin Class a Success!

We filled the house at the YMCA today where CCC member Mette Aarlev put us through our paces at the first of four Saturday Spins at the YMCA. Thanks to all who came out to support the club and raise some funds to help expand and put on some more great events for 2014!

Come work up a sweat with us again next Saturday, February 8th!



Amazing Day At Presqu’ile

15 CCC members were treated to good company, great racing and perfect conditions at this past Sunday’s Presqu’ile Pursuit.

Our seasoned timekeeper did a fantastic job of grouping the riders fairly and it all came together beautifully at the end with riders from all 4 groups finishing within a minute of one another. There were some great battles out there but the 2 man group of Jamie Barnes and Jeff Clark proved that they had what it took to work together and bring it home with Jamie coming across first, Jeff second and from the last group to leave was Derek Harnden who also had an amazing ride finishing third.

To top off a great morning, we were all invited back to Chris and Julie Herten’s place for a delicious lunch and some well deserved caloric replenishment!

Thanks again to the Hertens for hosting, Dave Singfield for his expertise, and all the wonderful volunteers, photographers and racers who came out to make the day a success. We look forward to doing it again next year!

1st                   Jamie Barnes                         35 min.  48 sec.
2nd                  Jeff Clark                                @ 2 sec
3rd                   Derek Harnden                      @10 sec
4th                  Greg Cushing                          @25 secs
5                     Chris Herten
6                     Mark Essak
7                     Helmut Bock
8                     Kirsty Brown
9                     Stewart Richardson
10                   Dennis Poort
11                    Peter Rhines
12                   Dina Martin
13                   Gordie Martin
14                   Brad Martin
DNF                Martin Smith (Flatted on the last lap)

Dave Singfield, Roy Martin, Tom Lyle, Kevin Jenkins, Linda Essak, Sarah Smith (photography)

Kevin Raper Trophy Time Trial Pictures and Results

What a great day for racing bikes! Thanks to all who came out to participate in Kevin’s name and a very special thanks goes to Dave and Dot Singfield for all their help putting this together.

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Kevin Raper 2013

Women’s 25km ITT
Rider Time
1 Kirsty Brown 1.01.19
Kevin Raper Trophy 50km ITT
Rider Lap 1 Split Time
1 Chris Herten 43.50 1.26.55
2 Derek Harnden 43.10 1.31.31
3 Peter Hennessy 45.08 1.31.56
4 Dennis Poort 47.22 1.36.55
5 Jamie Barnes 49.08 1.39.51
6 Gord Plue 48.46 1.40.14
7 Jeff Clark 50.44 1.43.41
8 Peter McMullen 52.11 1.45.41
9 Mark Galanter 51.36 1.48.14
10 Stewart Richardson 55.19 1.59.59
11 Adrian Greenwood 59.20 2.06.31

Timekeepers: Dave and Dot Singfield

Amazing Turnout for Triple Township Ride

Thanks so much to everyone who came out for the 2nd Annual Triple Township Ride, we had a third of the Cobourg Cycling Club join us between the two distances! Great weather and two amazing crews of people made for some fantastic cycling and hanging out on the deck with lunch and refreshments afterwards topped off a perfect day.

Thanks again, we’re already looking forward to next year!

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triple 50 triple 90 triple lunch

triple arrow

Pics from Thursday’s Tempo Ride

Sorry for the delay on these, I’ve been out riding!

We had perfect weather and a great turnout for Thursday’s tempo ride which took us out as far as Eddystone and back to Cobourg. Thanks to everyone who came out and especially to those members new to this style of riding who were very eager to learn and had tons of questions.


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Pics from Cyclocross at Sinclair Park

The morning air was cold but that didn’t stop 17 Cobourg Cycling Club members from layering up and coming out to our first cyclcross event at Sinclair Park. A great group and a fun course made for an amazing day.

Thanks to Pete Hennessy for spearheading the idea and designing the course and to everyone who helped set up and take down. I hope everyone’s looking forward to the next one!

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First Fall Ride

10 CCC members came out today for the first gravel ride of the fall all with different riding abilities and a nice mix of bikes ranging from cross, to mountain and even a couple single speeds. We were treated to sunshine, great road conditions and spectacular views which left nothing but smiles on everyone’s faces!

Thanks to all who came out and to Pete for leading, stay tuned for more great fall riding coming soon!

Amazing ride!

Big D’s Coffee Ride Post-Ride Report

Great September weather took us to Brighton for a loop around the Park, and then for coffee. We all rode together, no one dropped. We had some fun along the way too. Louis took some sprint points. Pink Jersey and ‘all. Next time it’ll be a green. Jamie’s theory “don’t let the sprinters sprint!” Riding up the road to take away the advantage. Got news for you J, that only works once. 🙂 Peter got in mix with a sneak attack at the last possible second. Jeff took some self loathing points, working the crowd!
12 of us made the coffee stop in Brighton. We had the entire patio to ourselves. Treats and java fuelled the ride back. Everyone took pulls at the front, our double paceline riding is really evolving and looking great. Thanks again, that was just plain fun.
Final points.
1. Janet
2. Kirsty
3. Big D.

Hey – it’s my ride – I make the decisions!

Ride bike – go fast.

Mich’s Ride in Newcastle

The weather was perfect today for Mich’s tour out North of Newcastle and the riders of both routes were treated to some great roads and breathtaking scenery.

The 95km loop tore the legs off of us with over 1000m (3500feet) of climbing while the other group was feeling strong and ended up tacking on an additional 10km to their route to do 67km total! Both loops took us through some beautiful neighbourhoods, great country roads and rewarded our hard work up the climbs with some fantastic views. We all showed up back at Mich and Melanie’s tired, hungry, and happy where we were treated to some good eats and good company.

Thanks to all for coming out and a big thanks to Mich and Mel for hosting.

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