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The week of September 5 – 11

Two time trials left this year. Some of the podium positions at being well challenged. The time trial is also a good way to determine how well your training has done this year.

Thursday is Tempo in the Park night. Presqu’ile Park!!!! Why not come for the ride. Come on down even if to just enjoy the scenery. We don’t have to keep up with the big guns. Tempo ride.

Saturday is the Bike up Northumberland event. Use the link to register. Good for your legs and good for our hospitals. Presqu'ileGate

Tempo in the park 2016-09-08

Chris Herten has offered to lead a Thursday tempo in Presqu’ile Park. September 8  6:00 pm depart at the Park entrance gate.

If you are late I am sure you can catch up with the group aka Jeff last year.

This is a lot of fun. A ride in a different location usually add a little more enthusiasm.

The Pursuit (in another upcoming post) will soon be here consider this a preride and practice.

Our Thursday night ride will be leaving Mervin Greer school at its regular 6:00pm departure. Greg has been a fantastic leader with this ride. He has learned how to push, without discouragement leaving participants looking forward to the next ride.

Come on out this week. Get your legs ready for the ride in the park.TJ CRIT CHRIS


Cycling Riders Needed for Friday Photo Shoot

Cycling models for Chris

Hi there,

I am looking for 2 or 3 models who know their cycling safety guidelines and have the ability to get bikes up to the Dejong Road area north of Cobourg. We are shooting for about an hour and a half Friday at 9:30 a.m.  It’s a volunteer gig as usual and the footage will be used for a safety training video as well as potentially for Northumberland Tourism. I have no specific requirements for age or ethnicity, we just want to make sure riders have the appropriate safety equipment and understand the “rules of the road”.
I apologize by the way, this email was supposed to go to you on Tuesday and this morning I realized it didn’t actually send. I understand it’s short notice so you may not be available.
Please let me know if you’re available or if you have any questions. Thanks so much for your help!
All the best,
 Please respond to if you can help out.