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2018 Greetings from the President

Welcome to 2018 Cyclists!
This is just a quick note to bring you up to date on the
Cobourg Cycling Club.
On January 23, the Club’s executive, that you elected, held
its first Board meeting of the year and it went well.
We have added two new members to the board so this should
help enormously as we head on down the road.
It is important to note that the OCA registration is
Those of you looking for an early membership for training
purposes might need to check closely on this first.
It will take about 2 weeks or so and when done will be
posted here.
Also, we settled our general activity calendar which is
needed by the OCA.
However, if ideas for other events hatch, then we can easily
update the calendar as required.
There is more to come – stay tuned.


HoHoHo Cobourg Cycling Club Members

Well, have you been good cyclists this year?
I hope so.
Santa is coming in 3 more sleeps!
There are some among us who may see this time as an
opportunity for 3 more rides!
Whatever your plans, be happy and healthy for Christmas and
the New Year.
As our friend Peter says, “May your hills all be down and
the wind be always at your back!”


Please, if you are like me and like to ride outdoors when
possible in winter, just remember that we are in Canada.
Motorists are still not programmed to accept bicycles very
well and less so in the winter.
Be aware of where you are and what you are doing at all
Do not put yourself in harm’s way if possible.
Think about your route and limit time on busy roads.
Think about black ice patches and snow-covered routes.
Make sure you have lights for the short days and overcast
Over many years of winter riding, I have learned the hard
way that your fuel needs will be varied in the cold.
Always have extra food with you.
Dress in layers for the weather with reflective clothing for
increased visibility.

Winter is the time for base building.
Prepare your legs for hard work with proper preparation.
Build your leg strength with weights.
Like riding outdoors?
Go slowly but with load so that it builds stamina.
This training will get your muscles ready for the harder
training efforts later in the season.
If you are nursing any injuries, take the time now to get
back to full strength.
Work on bike agility/handling skills and pedaling

Remember that you must mix and vary your riding loads.
The human body is incredibly adaptable.
Listen to what your body tells you.
Give it a chance to recover.
There is no glory in being a trainer champ.
Make a plan to peak.
My acronym for workload applications is: OAR
You need all three – no matter what time of year it is.

Best wishes to all,


AGM and Awards night Adgenda

6.30 pm    Cocktails (no host bar)

                        6.45 pm      Meal


                        Roasted Beef
                        Veg Curry
                        Veg Stir Fry

                        Tea and coffee

                8.00 pm     AGM

                8.30 pm Presentation of the Trophies
                        Greg Cushing & Dave Singfield

Club Trophies 2017



  Club Trophies 2017    


Henri Joachim Memorial Trophy

Sportsman of the year  ?


Racer of the year

Harold Kuschnik  90 second improvement

Kevin Raper Memorial Trophy

Craig Doucet (1 :38 :30)

Women’s Challenge Trophy

Sharon Lynn-Wyeese ( 1:03:45)

Hill Climb Champion

Bruce Raymer  (19:16)

Best Novice

Ian McKelvey  (23:47)

Youth Award

    Male: Gordie Martin

Female: Not awarded this year


Pam Joachim Memorial Trophy

Bruce Raymer  (20:08))

Ladies Champion

Jessica Fraser Thomas (26:28)

Presqu’ile Australian Pursuit

Men’s: Gordie Martin

Women’s: Not Awarded this year

Time Trial League


1: Jessica Fraser-Thomas

2: Dina Martin

3:Erin Hathway

Youth: under 18 

 1: Gordie Martin

2: Alex Galanter

Masters 60+

1: Adrian Greenwood

2: Stewart Richardson

Masters 50-59   

1: Jamie Barnes

2:Greg Cushing

3: Gord Plue

Senior Men

1: Bruce Raymer

2: James Watt

3: Dennis Poort




                 Gold                 over 40 kph

                    Bruce Raymers                   20.08



Silver                 Over 35 kph

Ian McKelvey                23:47

Franko Buratti              23.30

Harold Kuschnik          24:13

Paul Ziggil                    25:23

Tom Herd                     25:40

Bronze               Over 30 kph

Brad Martin                     27:30

Luke Haukioja                      29:03