Dirty Thursday Gravel Ride

This weeks Gravel/adventure ride will start at the Beagle Club parking lot. Some different adventure roads and some roads that most of us don’t see too often.
The township roads have lots to offer. The scenery is spectacular. The roads are quiet and almost car free.
6:30 at the Beagle Club. Let us know if you plan to attend in the comments or on the Northumberland Cycle Group Facebook page.

2015-07-14 Tuesday Night Time Trial

Pump up your tires, maybe eat a few extra carbs, fill your water bottles.
The weather watch has been dropped. We are still under a slight chance of a thunder storm or maybe just a little rain. At this point the Time Trial will proceed. If you don’t see anymore posts, see you at Harwood and Claperton Roads.

Shelter Valley Resurface

Bad news.

Shelter Valley Road Will be getting a new surface of Chip Seal tomorrow morning.
This means we will have to find another venue for the Cobourg Cycling Club Tuesday night Wrold Time Trials.

I am not sure about Lakeshore road. It may have already been resurfaced.

2015-05-14 Gravel Ride

The plan for Thursday evening’s Gravel Ride, is to ride the Nasty 45 course (or a variation). Sunset will be 8:30 therefore we have plenty of time and plenty of short cuts.
Gravel rides at this time of year are no drop group rides on roads that require tires a little more substantial than road race tires. The course has been completed on 28mm tires and detours can get you around the really rough stuff.
Baltimore Community Centre… The bikes leave at 6:30 pm.