Plans for the Presqu’ile Pursuit ride.

Sunday October 6 We will meet 10:30 am at the Gate to Presqu’ile Park. Joanne has created a gentle on the legs 60 km ride. This will be at a nice pace, a chatty pace. Presqu’ile ride course

The Whistling Duck restaurant is the chosen place for something to eat after the ride. We will be informing the restaurant that we will be bringing 8-12 patrons. More riders can be accommodated if someone would like to sign up late but I will be phoning on Wednesday morning.

Friday or Saturday a weather forecast will be posted but dress warmer than normal as your output will be relaxed.

See you there.

Northumberland Nasty (so far)

┬áThis is a large… overly large collection of photos from the Northumberland Nasty course(s) over the years. (Follow the link click the three dots in the upper right corner, you will find button to play a slideshow.)

Peter Hennessy┬ádesigned the course. a few went for a ride, maybe a little too hard the first time, someone said that was nasty, the rest is… Well you decide.

Presqu’ile Ride (Update)

Joanne is planning a route for sore legs. (We heard some of the participants were running in a race the day before) Somewhere in the 50 – 75 km range. Nice Chattable ride. Food stop hasn’t been totally pinned down but you will know with plenty of time.
If anyone has some friends that would like to join the ride, this is allowed as long as the friend has OCA membership and brings proof. The proof thing is big. What better way to introduce people to the CCC. Please let us know a week or so ahead as the food stop will need to be forewarned.

***CCC TT Cancelled***

Many points of interest. Please read entire message.

Due to the lack of daylight the CCC TT has been cancelled for tomorrow night.
If I could slow the rotation of the earth I would. (Just put new tires and chain on my TT Bike that will have to wait now until April.
The final points tally will be along as soon as possible. Dave is away for a while but we will get things done.

The Pursuit has had a hard life the last few years. To try and keep some sort of end of the year event going the event has changed to a club ride in the area of Presqu’ile Provincial Park.
If you would like to join this ride please send an email to as soon as possible.
This event will take some time to organize. If we have enough wanting to attend we can have a picnic/BBQ if not…. maybe Pizza at Vito’s but we need to know right now.

So far only 6 persons have shown interest in the ride.

Presqu’ile Ride update 1

Ride from Presqu’ile Park on October 6. Ride your bikes in. I will find a car or two to deliver goodies and food stuffs to the Pavilion.

Ride route planning in progress.
Raff has accepted the chore of organizing the food/beverages. Please ask Raff what to bring, or let her know what you can bring.

Please Respond if you plan to ride. If not enough plan to ride we could just end up with Pizza at Vito’s or coffee at a coffee shop.

Send your response to if you find that easier. You message will get to the right person.


Presqu’ile Ride.

The plan will be to find someone to plan a ride in the Presqu’ile, Brighton area to set a course to follow. Fifty or 60 KM would be nice. Two hour ride at a non competitive pace. Safe quiet roads for a chatty ride.
Food will be pot luck (ish) though it would be nice to have someone keep track of the planned servings. Just so we don;t get 10 buckets of chicken.

This seems to be the easiest ride to put on. We can get one or two cars to carry the supplies as bicycles seem to be allowed to pass the gate.
This can be very flexible. If we don’t get enough interest to put on the pot luck part, we can just go somewhere for grub.

Please respond to if you will like to attend can set up the course, would like to help with organization.
Sunday we will count the participants and go from there.

Presqu’ile Pursuit Plans

The Presqu’ile Pursuit is not likely to happen again this year. The scheduled date is October 6. We could change the event to a group ride/BBQ. You know like at bike ride and pot luck at the park. Some club members have a good knowledge of the roads in the area and could put a nice 50 or 60 (or shorter/longer) ride around the area then head back for a get together. Please respond. If there is enough interest this could be a nice club get together..

Tuesday night, Trainer night.

***CCC TT Cancelled*** Again!!

Sorry folks the TT will need to be cancelled again for tonight. The last cloud burst soaked the course. Radar shoes another cell near Port Hope getting ready to add more rain.
Sorry. This makes next week all that much more important. See you then.

Only 2 More Chances at the CCC TT… … Maybe!

Once again the CCC TT is a weather dependant event. Rain is in the forecast for this evening. The chance of rain during the TT is very slight at this time. Tonight will be warm and humid. Tomorrow more so.

As for next weeks event, sunlight may be a factor. When scheduling this years time trials the discussion was “Lets schedule it ans see if it is needed to fill in for rain dates”. Meaning the decision for next week will be made tonight or shortly thereafter.

Stay tuned.

Time to test your time

The Cobourg Cycling Club time trial season will soon be over. We only have three more scheduled TT events this year. Three TT events if the rain holds off. Archer’s road is the course for the last three rides.
Come on out test yourself, socialize with the club, the smiles are free.
The hardest part is getting to the end of your driveway, make it there the rest is as easy as riding a bike.


TT Marshals Needed.

The CCC needs some people to Volunteer their time to help out the the Tuesday Night Time Trial.
Hold the bikes at the start.
Stand guard at the turnaround.
Keep the numbers at the finish.
Approximately an hour and 30 minutes.

Let us know. Either respond here or send and email.


Your call has been forwarded to an automated answering service. Adrian Greenwood won’t answer his damn phone. Please leave a message after the tone…. … …