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Club Trophies 2017



  Club Trophies 2017    


Henri Joachim Memorial Trophy

Sportsman of the year  ?


Racer of the year

Harold Kuschnik  90 second improvement

Kevin Raper Memorial Trophy

Craig Doucet (1 :38 :30)

Women’s Challenge Trophy

Sharon Lynn-Wyeese ( 1:03:45)

Hill Climb Champion

Bruce Raymer  (19:16)

Best Novice

Ian McKelvey  (23:47)

Youth Award

    Male: Gordie Martin

Female: Not awarded this year


Pam Joachim Memorial Trophy

Bruce Raymer  (20:08))

Ladies Champion

Jessica Fraser Thomas (26:28)

Presqu’ile Australian Pursuit

Men’s: Gordie Martin

Women’s: Not Awarded this year

Time Trial League


1: Jessica Fraser-Thomas

2: Dina Martin

3:Erin Hathway

Youth: under 18 

 1: Gordie Martin

2: Alex Galanter

Masters 60+

1: Adrian Greenwood

2: Stewart Richardson

Masters 50-59   

1: Jamie Barnes

2:Greg Cushing

3: Gord Plue

Senior Men

1: Bruce Raymer

2: James Watt

3: Dennis Poort




                 Gold                 over 40 kph

                    Bruce Raymers                   20.08



Silver                 Over 35 kph

Ian McKelvey                23:47

Franko Buratti              23.30

Harold Kuschnik          24:13

Paul Ziggil                    25:23

Tom Herd                     25:40

Bronze               Over 30 kph

Brad Martin                     27:30

Luke Haukioja                      29:03

The President’s ride (From the President)

Originally I had posted this as Tom Petty Memorial Ride.
Now it will be End of Season Memorial Ride.
Gord Downie and Deb are now added along with the pets of a
couple of friends I read about on FB.
It has been a tough month!

I wanted people to have some fun with the ride by having a
song quote ready.
Noel thought it would a neat idea to wear the quote instead
of a number over the right pocket of the jersey.
So post this please.
With Deb’s passing, a black arm band if they wish can be
Please also note this in post.

We need to celebrate the lives of people we love and not
perish in the anguish of grief.
There is enough dark thought floating around today.

So, from Vic Hall as a throw back to days gone by – say the
market building out back because it is close to parking.
Start at 11.00.
Ride to Bewdley.
Course maybe shortened depending on weather.
Maybe just to Dreamers Cafe in Port Hope and back as a short
fun trip.
If really snotty, we will just go for breakfast at