CCC TT Marshal(s) Needed

Next week July 5 2016 some of our Marshals/Timers will not be available to attend our Time Trial.

If you can help out please let us know.

If you haven’t attended a TT this year maybe hanging out with the bikes will help to encourage to come back to the races.


Weather update

Environment Canada still posting “Mainly cloudy. 60 percent chance of showers this evening with risk of a thunderstorm. Wind northwest 20 km/h becoming light this evening. Low 14.” The Storm cells are small but lots of water. ‪#‎BaltimoreNorth‬ has just had a good soaking.
If anyone will travel past Shelter Valley road, either on the 401 or highway #2 in the next hour or so, please post your weather observations. (When safe).

Nasty Volunteers


To all CCC members.
October 18 is the Northumberland Nasty and the Nasty Nasty.
We are in need of a few helping hands. Corner workers and Day of registration people are most needed. The signing of the route is also a job that needs to be completed. The signing of the route is part of the fun. We will need some help with this also.

Please if you would like to help or would like to volunteer your children (community hours aplenty), please contact Glenn, Stewart, Jeff or Jamie.

Dirty Thursday (Sept 3)

Sunset is close to 7:45 this week. Dirty Thursday will be at the Beagle Club. Bring some lights… just incase we are a little late.
Not too many people have been riding either MTB or CX bikes lately. This ride will be a gentle get accustomed to the bike ride.
Air up your tires, charge your batteries, pack a little energy food and bring some extra water. This is going to be a very warm week.

Dirty Thursday

Don’t forget dirty Thursday. That is right. Dirty Thursday has been slogging along in the background over the last couple of months.
I am not sure (yet) where it will be starting. I will be posted as soon as possible. The rain and lightning may change everyones plans for the day.
Keep checking the Faceboook page for updates.
Tempo ride tonight also. Don’t drain your legs as Sunday is Kevin Raper TT Day.

9th annual YMCA Strong Kids’ Duathlon

Hello CCC Members,

This year will mark the 9th annual YMCA Strong Kids’ Duathlon – taking place this Friday, August 21st.

As some of you know, the event introduces children ages 3-13 to the sport of duathlon (swimming and running) in a fun and healthy atmosphere. All funds raised from the event support the YMCA Strong Kids Campaign, providing financial assistance to over 1200 families in Northumberland to engage in active healthy programming such as swimming lessons and day camps.

I am once again recruiting and organizing volunteers for the event. Depending on your assigned role, you would need to be on site from approximately 5:30-7:30pm.

Cobourg Cycling Club’s commitment to this event over the years has been exception and instrumental in the success of the event, particularly given members’ knowledge and understanding of this type of event. We appreciate your continued interest and support.

Please let me know if you would be interested in helping out (email or text 647-298-0936).