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2018 Awards Night

The room was full.

The chatter was high.

Smiles all around.

Next season the CCC will have its largest Board of Directors. The introductions will be in a later post.

Today, only photos of the trophies and the holders.

Congratulations (Kudos) to all the CCC members. It was a great year. Let’s make next year even better.


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The complete album good and bad is available at the following link Complete album

*** Attention all CCC Members ***

The Cobourg Cycling Club board of directors has three positions to be filled at this years AGM, December 7, 2018

Vice President



Members at large are always appreciated.

According to our bylaws these positions must be filled at the AGM.

The term is one year, The workload is approximately 1 hour per month during active months.

Attendance is very flexible. A meeting missed here and there is not detrimental to the function of the club.

The commitment is small, the feelings of accomplishment…. well sometimes we basically don’t do too much but a lot still gets done.

If anyone has an interest in any of these positions please contact me or Dave and let us know before the AGM.

Any questions as to the duties of each position? Don’t hesitate to contact any of the present board members.

CCC 2018 Dinner list. Time to make sure

Please check the list. Make sure you are there. Check the list and make sure your dinner choice is correct.


  Name Roast beef Veg. Stir fry Veg. Curry
1 Tara Wilson    
No Mushrooms
2 Roberto Almeida     Extra spicy
3 Roy Martin   *  
4 Dianne Martin     *
5 Jillian Thomas *    
6 Jessica Fraser-Thomas *    
7 James Barnes *    
8 Tamara Barnes *    
9 Greg Cushing   *  
10 Glenn Finley *    
11 Dave Singfield *    
12 Dot Singfield *    
13 Adrian Greenwood *    
14 Dave Naish *    
15 Judy Naish   *  
16 Bruce Raymer *    
17 Harold Kuschnik     *
18 Scott Sexsmith *    
19 Raff Melito     *
20 Ian McKelvey     *
21 Kevin Jenkins     *
22 Gord Plue *    
23 Dennis Poort *    
24 Chuck Cudmore *    
25 Andre Gotthelf *    
Dave Singfield

Cobourg Cycling Club  2018 trophies, and medals

Cobourg Cycling Club  2018 trophies.- and medals

 Who gets what at this year Banquet.

 Racer of the year – this is a good one.  For the first time ever we have a tie for this prestigious Trophy. 

You will have to be there to see who improved most last year.

Kevin Raper Memorial Trophy

Chris Herten

Youth Award     

Female: Jillian Thomas

Pam Joachim Memorial Trophy

Bruce Raymer

Ladies Champion

Janet Baitley

Henri Joachim Memorial Trophy

You have to be there to find out who wins this one.

Best Novice 

Tara Wilson

Hill Climb (Cow Bell)

Bruce Raymer

Trophies not being presented this year.

Youth:-  Male

Women’s Challenge (Kevin Raper)

Prequ’ile Pursuit:–          Male      Female

Time Trial League


1st Bruce Raymer

2nd Dennis Poort

3rd Greg Cushing


1st Adrian Greenwood

2nd Jamie Barnes

3rd Gord Plue


1st Glenn Finlay

2ndStewart Richardson

3rd Jessica Fraser Thomas


Gold 40KPH

Gord Ley     22:25

Silver 35KPH

Andre Gottelf        23.04

Jason Wooland     23.08

T.J.Adams            24.05

Scott Sexsmith      24.52

Tara Wilson          25.38

Bronze 30 KPH

Roberto Almeida  26.49

Raff Melito           28.11


Hopefully all this information is correct.  If anyone sees a problem please let me (Dave) know as soon as possible as trophies are now in for engraving.

CCC AGM and Awards Night

Are you planning to attend the CCC AGM and Awards night?

Please contact Dave Singfield or Jamie Barnes and let us know your intentions.

The night is fast approaching and the plans (Agenda and Dinners) need to be finalized. 

If anyone would like to join the board of directors please contact either Dave or me. 

If you don’t know what you would like to do for the club, try “Member at large”. You will eventually find where you best fit in.

Throw your hat in the ring…. It feels good to help out and do good.

See you there.