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Ride Leaders Needed!

With all the wonderful rides we have planned for this cycling season vast approaching, we have an increased demand for ride leaders and need your help. 

We will be having a meeting Tuesday, April 14th at 6:00 pm. (Location to be still finalized). For those interested in becoming ride leaders please RSVP by end of day Saturday April 11th to Chris Herten

We will provide addition details of the meeting location once we have a sense of the number of volenteers interested. 



Tuesday, April 10, 2012 (Time Trial: 15km)

Archers Rd Course
Rider 6k Split Time
1 Chris Herten 9.07 24.40
2 Tim Doris 9.25 24.51
3 Dennis Poort 9.46 25.26
4 Kevin Jenkins 9.29 25.28
5 Gord Plue 10.27 27.07
6 Jacob Jamnicky 10.30 28.27
7 Stewart Richardson 10.25 28.42
8 Jamie Barnes 10.46 28.47
9 Jana Jamnicky 11.44 32.09
10 Jennifer Poole 11.44 32.32
11 Madison Hathaway 11.45 32.54

**Restricted gearing
Time Keeper: Rob Naish
Helpers: Roy Martin, Henri Joachim, Dave Naish

Cobourg Cycling Club Dinner, Jan. 21, 2012

The Cobourg Cycling Club held their annual Awards Dinner at The Mill Restaurant in Cobourg on Saturday, Jan 21st. Town Crier Tom MacMillan was on hand to welcome the club members. 2012 marks the 40th anniversary of the Cobourg Cycling Club which made the evening that much more special.

The Club recognizes the outstanding achievements of it’s members at the Awards Dinner with trophies given for reaching time goals in the weekly time trial series, hillclimbs, top rookie, junior racer, top female, outstanding sportsman, among others. Here is a list of those members who received awards on Saturday night:

Sportsman of the year Henri Joachim
Racer of the year Jana Jamnicky
Fastest Novice Chris Herten (21:57)
Pam Joachim Trophy Greg Cushing (20:51)
Ladies Champion Erin Hathway (25:49)
Kevin Raper Trophy Chris Herten (1:23:08)
Youth – Male Emile Cabardos
Youth – Female Kelsey Saunders
1st Place Tim Doris (46:01)
2nd Place Louis Cabardos (49:17)
3rd Place Jamie Barnes (50:01)
1st Place Kelsey Saunders
2nd Place Jana Jamnicky
3rd Place Erin Hathway
1st Place Jacob Jamnicky
2nd Place Emile Cabardos
3rd Place Ryan Haydon
1st Place Jamie Barnes
2nd Place Stewart Richardson
3rd Place Louis Cabardos
1st Place Chris Herten
2nd Place Tim Doris
3rd Place Dennis Poort
Chris Herten (21:57) Kevin Jenkins (23:27) Jana Jannicky (28.22)
Tim Doris (22:21) Lee Shooter (23:36) Madison Hathway (28:37)
John Howe (24:56) Toshi Hunt (29:29)
Jacob Jamnicky (24:59) Madison Hathway (28:37)
Erin Hathway (25:49)

Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2011 (Time Trial: 15km)

Archers Rd Course
Rider Time 6k Split
1 GREG CUSHING 21.01 7.56
2 CHRIS HERTEN 22.37 8.33
3 DENNIS POORT 22.49 8.34
4 KEVIN JENKINS 23.14 8.50
5 JAMIE BARNES 23.36 8.56
6 LEE SHOOTER 23.44 8.56
7 LOUIS CABARDOS 24.55 9.27
8 JACOB JAMNICKY 25.05 9.47
10 TRACEY GOLAZ 25.30 9.46
11 ALAIN CABARDOS 26.34 10.15
12 EMILE CABARDOS 26.48 10.32
13 JANA JAMNICKY 28.25 10.42
14 MADISON HATHAWAY 29.25 11.16

Thanks to everyone for a great year! And Thank you to Lisa Hathaway for the great Zucchini bread at the finish!

Time Keeper: Rob N
Helpers: Henri J, Dave N