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Century in the county – July 5th

Since last weekend was a right off due to weather a few of us are planing a century (160km) ride to Wellington and back tomorrow (Sunday June 5th). If you would like to join this will be ridden at a similar in pace to Kevin’s Triple township ride (~30km/hr avg over the 160km, aprox 5 1/2hr of ride time). We will stop in Wellington for a nice break, coffee, muffin etc. as well potential stops in Brighton if anyone needs to buy water, food. Route will be flat with some nice fast sections once we get into the county. Weather looks perfect.  This is a long ride so bring your cell phone just incase.  Please email if you plan on attending or vote on the Facebook site.

Time:  Depart 7:30am. Sunday July 5th.

Start Location: Merwin Greer School, 457 King street East Cobourg.

Route :


Girls night out – Monday July 7th

Attention Female CCC members:

We received enough interest and therefore Monday, July 7th will be the inaugural Girls Night Out group ride.

When:  Monday July 7th, 2015 – 6:15 meet,  6:30pm rolling out.

Start Location:  Merwin Greer School, 457 King street East Cobourg.

Route: Heading East on Hwy 2 to Archers road, right on Archers and onto Lakeshore following all the way to the Keeler Centre for a break and then back to Merwin Greer school. If the weather or the ability of the group is limited, then we will only go as far east as possible then turn back.

This is not a training ride of speed, rather the goal is to get our female members out on a regular basis and more involved with clubs activities.  Hopefully these rides will build inspiration to come out and try other club rides and events, such as Tempo and Time Trials. This is a NO drop ride!!!

This Weeks Ride Schedule – June 29th – July 5th

Tuesday Night TT, June 30th – Shelter Valley Rd

The construction is complete, therefore the next two TTs will be at Shelter Valley Road course.

Time:  6:30pm sharp.
Start location:  Shelter Valley Rd, Grafton Map

Thursday, July 2nd – Tempo Group Ride – NOW WEEKLY

Since participation has been good, for July and August we will be having weekly Tempo rides . MTB and Gravel Road rides will continue to be every other week.

Time:  6:30pm sharp.
Start Location:  Merwin Greer School, 457 King street East Cobourg.
Route: CCC Thursday Tempo Route
Description: These rides will be done at a steady pace and will be split into 2 groups based on ability. Average speeds of the level 3 group will be at least 30km/h over 2 hours and the ride leader of the level 2 group will keep things at an easier pace based on participants. The focus of these rides is to build fitness and teach members the skills needed to cycle safely in a group.
Ride Leader: TBD

This Weeks Ride Schedule – June 22nd – 28th

Tuesday Night TT, June 23rd – Shelter Valley Rd,

Time:  6:30pm sharp.
Start location:  Shelter Valley Rd, Grafton Map

Thursday, June 25th – Dirty Thursday MTB Ride

Time:  6:30pm sharp.
Start Location:  Northumberland Forest Parking Lot. 101 Beagle Club Road.
Route: TBD. Likely some winding trails in the woods :)
Ride Leader: Jamie Barnes

TT Race Report – June 16th, 2015

A season high 21 riders made it out Tuesday to race against the clock in the close to perfect conditions. Although it was slightly slower than last week (0.49%) many riders still achieved their fastest times of the season.  Cal Ripken would also be proud of the attendance streak that Jana, Stewart, Gord Plue, and Jamie have going.  These four CCC members have yet to miss a single time trial this season.  Therefore special reminder that the next two time trials are at the Shelter Valley Rd course in Grafton.

TT Results

CCC News – June 14th

Club Kits – Last chance fitting

We have had great turnout to date for the new club kit fittings and the quality of the new kits is really top notch. Janet and Brent have the kits for one more day, therefore anyone who hasn’t had a chance to get fitted may stop by Monday, June 15th from 5:30 – 7:30pm.

Location: Brent and Janet’s house – 1323 Alder Road, Cobourg ( Densmore and Parkview Hills)

Stoney Lake Triathlon

Several CCC Members had a strong showing at the Stoney Lake Triathlon. It was a great day with an awesome new venue, and homemade pizza.

Sprint Triathlon – James Watt,  7th overall  1:13:47
Sprint Triathlon Relay – Dina, Brad and Gordie Martin, a strong 5th place
Sprint Du – Tim Doris, 3rd overall  1:09:13

Kevin and Kirsty’s Triple Township Ride Saturday, June 20th

A friendly reminder to please email and let them know if your planing on attending and which distance you will be partaking in. This will help them know how many riders to expect and how much food to prepare!

Details for the event may be found here.


CCC Gravel Road Ride Report – June 11th, 2015

The rain left a few puddles on the course but mostly things were fast and dry last night as we did the 45km Northumberland Nasty course backwards.   We doubled our turn out from last time but hopefully more members can attend in the future.  These rides are a great social time and hard workout with lots of rolling hills, little drafting, and always changing road conditions.

Hopefully see everyone on the next gravel road ride on July 9th.