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This weeks ride schedule – May 25th – 31st

Thursday, May 28th – Dirty Thursday MTB Ride

Time:  6:30pm sharp.
Start Location:  Northumberland Forest Parking Lot. 101 Beagle Club Road.
Route: TBD. Likely some winding trails in the woods :)
Ride Leader: Jamie Barnes

Sunday, May 31st –  Coffee Ride Anyone

Time:  9:00am sharp.
Start Location:  Cobourg Memorial Arena , 206 Furnace St, Cobourg, ON K9A 3C3
Distance: 65km
Description: This ride will be a level 3 no drop ride. We will  have a stop in Port Hope after 55km to socialize and grab a coffee/pastry. Pace will vary on terrain but likely average 25-30m/hr before we grab a coffee. Recollection will occur at the top of any hills.  There will be no stores before Port Hope therefore bring enough supplies for the ride.
Ride Leader: Jeff Clark

The Ride Levels and Ride Participant Guide are posted on the website which all riders should read.

2015-05-14 Gravel Ride

The plan for Thursday evening’s Gravel Ride, is to ride the Nasty 45 course (or a variation). Sunset will be 8:30 therefore we have plenty of time and plenty of short cuts.
Gravel rides at this time of year are no drop group rides on roads that require tires a little more substantial than road race tires. The course has been completed on 28mm tires and detours can get you around the really rough stuff.
Baltimore Community Centre… The bikes leave at 6:30 pm.


Ride Report – May 4th-10th 2015

TT Ride Report – May 5th

Another great TT night with 19 riders getting out to enjoy the warmer weather.  For the 13 riders making back to back appearances, times seemed to be 3% slower than the previous week. This was likely due to the slight wind from the SE which makes the lakeshore course show a little more teeth.  The potentially harder conditions however did not stop some riders from getting their fastest times for 2015. Keep up the great work everyone. If you haven’t checked already result are posted here.

Thursday Tempo Ride Report – May 7th

Some solid numbers also made it out on Thursday to help make the second tempo ride a success. After rolling out to Grafton together, two groups formed.  ‘A’ group rider group consisting of 6-7 riders were tapping out some serious lap times averaging 35-39km/hr. The ‘B’ group of 8 riders focused more getting comfortable in a paceline while still doing a great effort. Hopefully all new and seasoned riders had a great time, got a good workout while improving group technique. Feedback is always appreciated on the new course and how to make things better. If numbers continue to hold or hopefully grow perhaps 3 groups of 5-7 riders can form to the various abilities. Level 2 – 25-30km group, Level 3 – 30-35km/hr group and Level 4 35+km/hr group. Those who couldn’t make it out the next tempo ride is scheduled for Thursday May

Presidents Ride – Ascent To Alderville – May 9th

ascent to alderville 2015

Thanks to CCC President Stewart Richardson for leading the 2nd annual Presidents ride. For the first CCC group ride of the year conditions were perfect. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it but it sounded like everyone had a great time and judging by the photo made it to Alderville.

For group rides like this to happen which everyone loves, we need ride leaders.  If your interested in leading a weekend group ride please let us know and we will help communicate the details. Rides can be of various levels and distances.

This Weeks Ride Schedule – May 4th-10th

Tuesday, May 5th – Time Trials 

Time: Sign in by 6:15pm (Don’t forget your toonie!)
Start location: Corner of Normar Rd. and King St. Map
Route: Archers Rd

Thursday, May 7th – Tempo Group Ride

Time:  at 6:15pm sharp.
Start Location:  Merwin Greer School, 457 King street East Cobourg.
Route: CCC Thursday Tempo Route
Description: These rides will be done at a steady pace and will be split into 2 groups based on ability. Average speeds of the level 3 group will be at least 30km/h over 2 hours and the ride leader of the level 2 group will keep things at an easier pace based on participants. The focus of these rides is to build fitness and teach members the skills needed to cycle safely in a group.
Ride Leader: Chris Herten

Saturday, May 9th – CCC Presidents Ride


Time:  at 9:15am sharp.
Start Location:  Merwin Greer School, 457 King street East Cobourg.
Route: CCC Presidents Ride – Ascent to Alderville and back.
Description: This rides will be done at a easier pace. Average speed of ~25km/hr.
Ride Leader: CCC President Stewart Richardson

To participate in these rides you must register. Please sign up today if you haven’t already.

TT Report – April 28

TT Report – April 28, 2015

A season high turnout tonight with 20 riders taking to the course. As can be seen in the picture below the bugs are back (hopefully only for a little bit) but that didn’t slow anyone down.  Riders that also rode last week were an average 3.9% faster this week. Perhaps it was the warmer conditions, extra training, or was everyone riding harder to get that pot of gold at the finish line.

IMG_7968       image1


Results have been updated to the spread sheet.