A great Zwift ride last night at a spirited pace! A group of 13 CCC Zwifters came out to enjoy some desert scenery and camaraderie on Discord. The rubber band effect came into play for a few of us who slipped off the back of the lead group which was quite cool to see. RiffRaffles El Presidente went from Beacon to Sweep at several points on the course but managed to take 1st position on the Fuego Flats sprint. It maybe because she’s the only who noticed the start line, but hey take the wins as they come, right?? LOL.

Mark your Calendars for next Tuesday Night 6:30pm for our next Meetup. Don’t forget to follow RiffRaffles El Presidente on Zwift to be added to the event. Interested in hosting a Meetup on your fave route? Send us a message!