This Week’s Meetup Is Thursday Night

Change of plans for this week’s Meetup as your El Presidente has to attend something Presidential (Virtually, of course) on Tuesday evening.

This week we’ll return to France on the Tire-Bouchon route. We’ll do our usual 25K or so distance together then you can decide to stay on and finish this 60K route or get the heck off your bike and head for a refreshment and your foam roller. Your Beacon will likely choose the latter as all previous Meetup participants would guess! We’ll be voice chatting via Discord as per usual for anyone who wants to listen in or participate in the banter.

6:30pm roll out, Thursday March 11. Be there with your Bidon and road snacks, ready to give some Ride Ons!

As a reminder, these rides are open to anyone who wants to participate. Follow RiffRaffles El Presidente on Zwift to be added to the Meetup.