Sign Up For Ride Leader Training!

More Ride Leaders means more rides, plain and simple. Your BoD has put together a pretty great and full schedule for the coming season (Official Announcements coming soon!) but we can only make it all happen if we have enough Ride Leaders volunteer. Want rides that suit your schedule? Become a Ride Leader! Itching to explore more gravel? Become a Ride Leader! (notice a theme here?! Lol)

Becoming a Ride Leader is easy- the OCA is hosting 3 Virtual Ride Leader Training Sessions, the first of which is coming up this weekend, a second in March and a 3rd in April.

  • Sunday February 28, 2021 at 10am
  • Monday March 29, 2021 at 6pm
  • Thursday April 08, 2021 at 6pm

The OCA page Ride Leader Course in the link will send you through CCN to sign in.

Maybe you will only lead one ride for the season. Maybe you will find your niche within the club and want to lead a weekly ride, the possibilities are endless! Sign up for the course, then reach out to us once completed and let us know what types of rides you’d like to lead.

We’re also mere days away from having our 2021 Membership up and ready to go. Exciting times around here!!

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