OCA Return To Sport Update And What It Means For The CCC

The OCA issued updated Return To Sport V.12 in response to the latest Emergency Brake Lockdown Measures announced by the Ford Government last week. You can read the details of the announcement here: https://ontariocycling.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/Return-to-Sport-Update-V12-April-1.-2021.pdf

Your Board of Directors met last night and decided that it was safest to postpone the start of our ride calendar for a few weeks, until after the lockdown is lifted. Our original plan was to start on April 17th but now things are looking like a start in early May. We felt a few weeks delay was the better choice over risking the safety of our Membership.

In the meantime, ride outside, ride solo, ride with a vaccinated friend and get ready for a fantastic season of riding ahead. There is no shortage of Virtual Events taking place that you can participate in. Consider signing up for the #notP2A http://parisancaster.com/ as a season starter gravel event. Pick your location, ride and then tell us all about it by tagging us in your Social posts @cobourgcyclingclub on IG and FB. These Virtual Events are not part of the official CCC calendar but they are great, fun events that you can choose to participate in. Support the events that you want to see return year after year!

See you on the road and trails soon! Stay Safe everyone!