June PB Challenge Segments Revealed

As promised, today we are revealing the Segments for the June PB (Personal Best) Challenge. Below you will find the names of 15 Strava Segments (5 Road, 5 Gravel, and 5 MTB) that we challenge you to achieve a PB on between June 15th – July 15th. The first 5 Members to get back to us with PBs on 5 segments win a free CCC Cool Cycling Cap. You can mix and match your segments between road, gravel and MTB.

Each of the Segments offers a great view, a great challenge, or is little known in the area. Riding the entire series will give you a true taste of riding in Northumberland County and around.

Please note that participation in this Challenge is at your own risk and the PBs are intended to be achieved outside of our Club rides. We created this Challenge to encourage you to ride a new route or to achieve a PB. As mentioned before, you don’t need to end up on the Leaderboard, KOM/QOMs aren’t extra special, just aim for your best time. Ride safely and enjoy the tour!

So, without further adieu, here are your Challenge Segments:

Road Segments

  • “From Snacks To Beer” Rice Lake Scenic Drive from Gore’s Landing (18) to Harwood (15) West to East. 4.88km with Average 0.2% Grade
  • “Vimy Ridge Climb” at Glen Gavel Road East-West. 0.44km with Average 6.5% Grade (ouch!)
  • “CCC Shelter Valley TT (7.5km Spilt)” From Hwy 2 to Vernonville Road. 7.45Km with Average 1.1% Grade
  • “Mastwood Rd from Hwy 65” From Hwy 65 south to 4th Line in Port Hope, ON 4.88Km with Average -0.1% Grade
  • “English Settlement Road Eastbound” From Bigford Road to Loyalist Parkway in Brighton, ON 5.62Km with Average 2% Grade

Gravel Segments

  • “Fisher – Edger Benson” South off Beaver Meadow to Eagleson. 1.74km Average Grade 0.2%
  • “Scoot Along Old Danforth W-E”* Grafton, ON Old Danforth Road from Purdy to Benlock
  • “Veep’s Locke UP”* Grafton, ON Locke Road from Pipeline to Joice
  • “Beaver Meadow W-E” From Johnstone to Bowmanton Road 1.93Km Average Grade 1.2%
  • “Donaldson You’re No Son Of Mine!” Donaldson RoadWest to East From Canning Road to Hwy 18 1.91Kms Average Grade 0.2%

*These 2 segments are new and will only be available as of June 16th.

MTB Segments( All in Northumberland Forest)

  • Up The Chute” (East of Hwy 45) 0.54km Average Grade 10.5%
  • “The Dragon Stonewall to Carstairs” 5.00km Average Grade 0.4%
  • “Black Oak Section 2 E-W” 1.25km Average Grade -3.3%
  • “Green A Finish C4” 6.24Km Average Grade -0.5%
  • “To The Bench” 3.48km Average Grade 0.9%

Email us at info@cobourgcyclingclub.com when you have achieved your PBs with the Segment Names. Good luck and have fun with it!

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