Cobourg Cycling Club History Part 1

Did you know that the Cobourg Cycling Club is one of the oldest cycling clubs in Canada??? We’re coming close to our 50 year anniversary! There are some people around who remember who started the club, when and why so we asked one of them to jot down some tidbits so we can all know more about how this Club came to be. Our very own Past President, Dave Singfield has set upon this task. Here’s instalment 1 of The History Of The Cobourg Cycling Club.

The Cobourg Cycling club letterhead has always stated that the club was founded
in 1972, however a search of many old documents show that the club officially
joined the Ontario Cycling Association (OCA) in 1974. The letter font (Some old
English text?) was the font used for the name of the Cobourg Daily Star newspaper.

The club was originally formed by 4 people:

Andre Cabardos, Henri Joachim, John Kanen + Jim McLlwhan

However we have it on good authority that the wives and the rest of the families were very much involved in getting the club started.The club was active in all disciplines of cycling and was very family orientated.

The Club Jersey’s were wool, knitted mostly by the club women however we believe Henri also took to doing some knitting. The club chose the colours from the Cobourg Flag, which was very much the tradition back in 1960’s and 70’s. Just discovered that Vera McLlwhan and Henri’s wife Pam had a competition in knitting the panels for the sweaters and that Vera was a seamstress (trained in Scotland). This was confirmed in a telephone interview Jim Breckenridge had with Vera in November. Given her skill set she may have designed the first jerseys. 

Cobourg Town Flag on the Left, First CCC Club Jerseys centre and right.
Another example of Flag Colours being represented on Club Kits (Belgium shown here)

Dave would like to thank Jim Breckenridge and Yvonne Joachim for helping put some of this information together.

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  1. Nice to know some of the history. Thanks for compiling this information.

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