Calling for Snow on Thursday, So Off To France We Go!

This week we’ll return to France, where we haven’t been since the early days of our Meetups. We’ll ride half of the Petit Boucle route which was part of the Virtual Tour De France. Our 30k distance should take us to the bottom of that great descent. Those that want to stay on past that can enjoy an attempt at the Aqueduc KOM and then hit the Pave Sprint.

Now that the weather is looking more favourable for outdoor riding, we’re going to change things up for our Meetups. We’ll choose the crappiest weather day between the Tuesday and Thursday. Outdoor riding will be starting in a few short weeks which will bring an end to our weekly Meetups, so sign up for your Membership and get ready to roll!

As a reminder, these rides are open to Members and Non Members alike. Follow RiffRaffles El Presidente on Zwift before 4pm on ride day to get added to the Meetup. Our rides are No Drop, and Meetup view only. Voice Chat via Discord for those who want to chat along the way. See/hear you there!

Ride On!