1 thought on “Who is a ride leader? What does a ride leader do?

  1. Hi Cobourg Cycling Club Members and interested cyclists.
    Ride leaders are a requirement for Club rides to meet insurance minimums.
    The Club pays a large amount of it annual fees toward insurance.
    The more Club members that have this training credit the easier it will be to hold any ride under the Club’s insurance.
    This is a great bonus because it is something you get when join any OCA affiliated Club.
    Right now, the cycling world is bigger, broader and more exciting than it has ever been – it is really moving toward a “Critical Mass”.
    My hope is that each Club member will have ride leader training.
    This way we will all understand the basic OCA insurance expectations and any ride can then qualify for coverage once it is logged on the calendar.
    Give it some thought, this is about commitment to your own beliefs.
    Ride leaders will help grow and develop this Club into the type of Club that you want it to be.
    The Cobourg Cycling Club began in the early 1970s as a family oriented group.
    Its longevity makes the Cobourg Club one the longest running cycling clubs in Ontario and probably Canada.
    Take pride in being part of the foundation of this Club as it re-establishes its place in the broader cycling community.
    If you are not sure what Ride Leader training is really about when you look at the link above, just ask a Board Member – there are lots of us.
    Keep riding, enjoy the weather and most of all, have fun on your bike.

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