Wednesday Night Group Ride- July 15th

Here we go, onto our second group ride of the year. Who’s coming?? We are once again MAX 10 participants, first come first serve again this week. We hope to have pre-registration up and running soon, thanks for your continued patience as we navigate through all these changes. This is an Intermediate ride (25kph + average speed), no drop ride.

Reminder to get your waivers into our email address as well as having a copy with you on your phone or printed out. Here’s the link to the smart waiver:

Meeting Spot : 6pm at Donegan Park on D’arcy Street

Route Map: The Vernonville Express

This is a mostly flat route with a climb at the midpoint when we reach Vernonville Road. It’ll be a great opportunity to practice your climbing (up Vernonville) and descent skills (down Telephone Road). Shelter Valley offers a zippy return to Hwy 2 with its slight downhill.

Climbing Vernonville Road may make you feel like Adrian (pictured in the front on the left) or like the young fellow behind him who is full of smiles!

Be there with bikes, seat bag, water bottles and lights ready to go. For a reminder of good things to have in your seat bag, read Shop Talk With Pete’s “What’s In Your Seat Bag” post from last week. Hope to see you there!