Time Trial and Road Riding Safety

Happy Labour Day Weekend Everyone,

Please be safe out there while riding. Many drivers seem to be more distracted than usual and this creates a real hazard for us as cyclists.

Saturday morning the Hamilton CCC held one of their monthly 40 km ITT events (which are really good training BTW). One HCC member was forced off the road by an automobile overtaking another auto. The cyclist hit gravel shoulder but wiped out hard and spent the night in hospital!

I cannot emphasize enough the need to be aware of where you are at all times.

We have a fantastic network of roads which allows us to avoid major arteries in the area. Pick a route that supports this and then keep your spidey senses alert.

Next weekend the Cobourg CC will hold a similar long-distance ITT event. When you are training/riding, alone or with others, when you are taking part in any “event”, take care to know where you are. Don’t just blindly throw a leg over the bike and pedal along madly and blindly.

So, on the road, think of things that way, we all have a place.

How badly do you need to be right?

If we can avoid a conflict with a car, everyone, in particular each of us, will be far better off.

Please enjoy your riding but do so with the idea of self-preservation in mind.

Rubber side down.

Your Prez, Greg

person riding road bike on the road