Shop Talk With Pete: “What’s In Your Seat Bag?”

Resident bike expert and mechanic extraordinaire, Pete Hennessy will be sharing his knowledge with us on all things bike and tech. How lucky are we?! As the title suggests, this week’s article is on the seat bag, and what should be in it so you are prepared to deal with a roadside mechanical. Take it away Pete!

Hey All,

As our season is getting underway, we take for granted we can go out, do our ride and get home trouble free . That’s not always the case ….at some point we will all get the dreaded Flat Tire .
For this instalment of Shop Talk With Pete, we are going to explore “What’s in your seat bag “

Everyone who is planning on doing a club ride must have a seat bag with some simple repair items for their use along the way.

Seat bags come in different sizes to suit the bike or individual. I use a medium sized seat bag on the road /gravel bike and a larger bag for the mountain bike. This is to accommodate the larger tube necessary for the mountain bike .

So What’s in my seat bag ?????

  • A tube of the correct size and valve length to fit my bike
  • 2 flat edge plastic tire levers
  • 2 CO2 cartridges and inflation head
  • A small chain tool and spare chain links
    I find a bag that will tightly hold the above items and prevent them from bouncing around. As a side note, I leave the valve cap in place to keep the tube from piercing itself- yes learned by experience!
  • I do also carry a small multi tool but in my jersey pocket for easy access .

So there you have it. If you’re out on a ride and have the necessary things to fix your flats, others will be happy to help you get going again!
If I could only find how to put a few more Watts and a few less Pounds in my seat bag, things would be great!

Happy Cycling All!

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    • If you snap your chain the tool can push the pin out of the broken link and push the pin back into your spare links to rejoin the chain.

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