Safety Reminder Tips from Prez Greg

Hi Everyone,

As we all have taken note, the outdoor cycling season is beginning to wind down. Less fair weather and shorter days are yielding to more powerful forces! However, there is still plenty of good riding to be had before it becomes unbearable. Here are some Safety Tips that are handy at any time, but even more applicable during the change of the seasons:

  • 1. Always remember that we do share the roads with other vehicles. Where I am going with this is that we need to show respect in order to get respect. When you are group riding, keep the group formation as tight as possible. Self -Preservation must come first!
  • 2. Road hazards like potholes, soft shoulders, and debris “allow” us some liberal use of space but always check that the road is clear before changing your line to make sure it is safe to do so. Ideally, stay off the busier area routes as often as possible.
  • 3. This is a great time of year for gravel road riding. Now that you have gravel road riding to add to your ride blend, you can literally travel for hours unimpeded by autos.
  • 4. Light changes mean staying visible too, so keep that in mind. Wear light coloured jerseys and vests to ensure a little extra visibility.
  • 5. Despite being cool, dark glasses might not be the best choice right now for shadowed roads.
  • 6. LIGHTS! Lights are mandatory 30 minutes before sunset so make sure you have working lights on your bike if you plan to ride in the evenings. The light is dropping fast these days. 

Stay tuned to this site for more, as I plan on offering some tips to get you through the off season.

Ride Safely,

Prez G

sportsman riding bicycle on road in countryside