Meet the BoD Q+A: Peter Hennessy

It’s Friday! Planning any epic rides this weekend?? Today our Meet the BoD Q+A has us chatting with a Board member you’ve heard a few chirps from already. Gravel Guru, Bike Mechanic Extraordinaire and the author of Shop Talk with Pete, Peter Hennessy. Pete is our Co-Ride Co-ordinator as well as one of our regular Ride Leaders. Let’s find out a little more about him!

1.How many years have you been cycling?

I’ve been cycling pretty much my whole life, to school as a kid, commuting to work. It’s a lifestyle.

2. What is a highlight from your year of cycling?

 Owning 2 Bike shops and helping others enjoy cycling as I have. It’s been awesome to watch as riders grow their skill base (and speed). Personally, qualifying to ride the Masters World MTB Championships in 2000 and going to witness the Tour in 2005. Man those are big hills in France ……

3. What do you like best about being part of this cycling club?

 Definitely giving back to the local Cycling Tribe. Keeping the Spirit going and introducing new riding chapters for everyone’s own book.

4. Any goals for the 2020 Cycling Season?

No goals since the Covid thing, except have fun and be thankful.

5. Roadie or Off Roadie? 

All of the above! Only label me as a Cyclist. Road, Gravel, MTB, SS, Fat bike, doesn’t matter.   It’s a bike. 

6.  Are you Team Short Socks or Team High Socks?

Well low for some, high for some … Most likely what’s on top of the clean sock pile.

7. Espresso or Americano? 

Hmmmmm tough one! Americano but any good French pressed will work. Why isn’t a cold IPA a choice????

8. What club rides can we find you on?

 Possibly Tuesday TT worlds, Wednesday group rides are fun, but the passion is Dirty Thursday Gravel rides …..

9. A favourite quote? 

  “The Power of the bicycle can only be understood by those willing to ride.”

Thanks Pete! It was great to learn more about your history with cycling- very impressive! Looking forward to riding through some dirt and grit with you on your Gravel nights!