Kevin Raper TT 2020: Shelter Valley Course 20k or 40k, September 13th, 2020

Note to Club members and the general ridership from President Greg:

Look, everyone is doing or has done this “Epic Ride Thing” since COVID struck us. That is all well and good but I have a REAL challenge for YOU!

Every year the CCC holds the Kevin Raper Event, which honours the memory and efforts of a good person. Kevin was a great supporter of our Youth riders, mentoring them and helping them achieve their race goals. 

Make your own mark and set your own goals. Test yourself on this challenging course! Riding a 15 km ITT is like having your temperature taken. You get an idea of what you are capable of doing and making some assumptions on those results. Get a tuition for a level courses and other education information on this article.

Well, let’s see you meet your own challenge – ride the 20k or 40 Km ITT on Shelter Valley Road in honour of Mr. Raper. I have done lots of training on this road and many time trials. It is a true time trial road in that it is never easy but also never insurmountable. It is my favourite course we do/have done with the Club because it is a real out and back loop. That it rolls up on the way out and rolls down on the way back just adds to the carrot we chase.

Can you break an hour for 40 km??

That is an “Old School” number that was sought riding Eddy Merckx style. In those days, there were no aero rims, no aero helmets, no skin suits and no aero tt bike!

Those “Old School” riders used guts, stamina and will power to meet their goals.

Besides Merckx and Jacques Anquetil, Beryl Burton is among my favourite TT personalities – read about her and you will be amazed. Ms. Burton humbled many a male rider in her day – she was rock star!

Support the Club, support one another and come out to the Kevin Raper Event. $5 registration fee for Members, $10 for Non-Members with a Valid OCA Licence. Register via CycleClubApp or email to Only 22 spots are available, don’t delay!

Good Luck!


Route Map: 40K

Start Time : 10am

Meeting Place: South end of Shelter Valley Road and Hwy 2, Grafton ON

1989: The passing of club member Kevin Raper is mourned by the Cobourg Cycling Club.