Henri Joachim Award Nominations

The Club’s most prestigious trophy is the Henri Joachim Award (formerly know as the Sportsman Of The Year Award). For those that are not familiar with the name, Henri Joachim founded the Cobourg Cycling Club back in 1972 along with Andre Cabardos, Jim McLlwhan, and John Kanen.
Each year, this trophy in Henri’s name, is awarded to acknowledge a club member for their contribution to the Club in a given year.

Here’s your chance to put someone’s name forward to be honoured by this Trophy. Any Club Member can make a nomination and is eligible to be nominated. Who would be a good candidate to put forward??? Anyone who in your mind has made an effort towards upholding the Club’s Mission of “Bringing A Community Together Through Cycling” would be a good person to nominate. Someone who champions or promotes the club. A person who is always there when needed. Maybe there’s a Ride Leader you’d like to acknowledge for their efforts. Once that name, or names, come to you please email the current Holder Of The Trophy- James Barnes at barnesej@gmail.com by November 15th.

Stay tuned in the coming days for a post about our upcoming AGM and election of new Board Of Directors!