Cycling Community Happenings: Request For Participation

On August 27th, 2020 16 year old Zach Stabb will be riding through Northumberland County on his 603km journey from Chateauguay, Quebec to Toronto. His mission is to raise awareness for Water First. Water First is Canada’s leading charitable organization working with Indigenous communities to resolve local water challenges.

Zach has reached out to us to ask for some company and support as he rides his 5th consecutive day starting in Brighton, ending in Bowmanville. If you have some time available on that day, consider joining for part of the ride, this young fellow would be happy for the company. This is not an official club ride, so non members are welcome to come out as well. Let’s show Zach some support on this epic journey for a great cause.

Follow Zach on Instagram or Facebook or donate to his fundraising here: .

We also received a request for participation in a PhD study from a student at Dalhousie University. This is the message we received from Juliano Franz :

“My name is Juliano. I am a Computer Science Ph.D. student at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I am currently recruiting participants for one of the foundation studies of my final thesis.

The study mainly explores communication among road cyclists while they are riding together. The study was adapted to current COVID restrictions and now consists of three remote interviews. I am contacting your club to see if it is possible to send my recruitment notice to the members.

My plan is to recruit three members per riding pack. If the club has multiple riding groups (based on pace, casual vs race, or gender, for example), I can recruit three members of each group if people are interested.”

More details on Juliano’s Study and request for participation can be found here: