Winter musings from Coach Greg

Hi Everyone,

Wow, what a great step into winter today was.
after minus 20C a few days ago, it was a whoppingly, mild
day at 5C!
I hope you got outside for some activity of some sort, days
like this are golden.
Of course I had to hit the roads, slow and steady, I might
add, to start my base work.
Today is my favourite day of the year, the Winter Solstice.
Once we get past Winter Solstice it has always been a mental
countdown to riding/racing season.
Our days will be inching longer as we move into the depths
of winter.
So, don’t despair.
In Europe, the cross season will slowly morph into the
Classics season.
When you want to see the hard riders of the sport, take in a
Classic race from any year.
I guarantee that you will be motivated to ride.
Winter is just a stage in the year when you get the chance
to recover and re-calibrate.
Take a moment to review your fitness records.
See how far you have come, review your goals for this season
and start making plans.
This little mental exercise will fuel your passion, even if
you do have to be on the trainer.
Give yourself an “atta-boy or atta-girl” for building your
fitness to the levels you have right now.
Be grateful that you can ride, run, walk and look after
Be grateful for the good health you have that enables you to
Be grateful for the wonderful roads and terrain in the
Cobourg/Northumberland County area.
Most of all, be incredibly gracious with your families for
their comfort and support.
Cycling can be incredibly selfish and we need understanding
families to believe what we are doing is a good thing.
We are all in this together and we really do have “a
wonderful life”.
Moving into the New Year, the Board and I will get the Club
re-registered and set plans for the Club rides.
I am certainly looking forward to working with the new Board
of Directors.
We can expect some great opportunities from 2020 – it is
just really cool to say isn’t it? 2020!
Before I ramble too much, I want to say Merry Christmas and
Happy New Year to all Club members and to our supporters.
Thank you to each one for believing in the Cobourg Cycling
I know for me and all the racing that I did, one of the
pillars of my training was my work with the Club.
And now as I ease into tourist- mode in my life, I can say
that each of you continues to keep the flame of a great ride
burning for me.
Be healthy, happy and safe this holiday season and start
planning for 2020 to be the great year it will be.
C ya
PS: Can you tell the endorphins are alive and flying in me