Ride lots and ride safe.

Hi All

On a previous post, I spoke about ride etiquette.
What I failed to describe is that WE all have made
transgressions against the Club’s group riding expectations.
In that post, some expectations were outlined.
Some of the wording was alarmist language for emphasis.
Since language can be a barrier to understanding
expectations, please allow me to direct you to our own
Cobourg Cycling Club webpage.
Under the tab, 2019 Policies and Guidelines, each of you
will find our already established expectations.
As a reminder, remember that waiver you signed when you
bought your membership?
You agreed that you have read all the Club’s rules.
To clarify my previous posts, please try to keep in mind
there are some things we cannot control while on the roads.
However, as riders we can do a lot to protect one another.
We can control our speed, our position on the road, our
movements within the group and our actions within the ride.
There is more to the message than those points and the
website overview does a good job of the details.
We all know somebody that has fallen to the ground with
unfavorable results.
Furthermore, each of us probably knows somebody that has
been struck by a vehicle.
The rules presented by the Cobourg Cycling Club are rules
determined by the OCA and its insurance group.
Simply put, if we do not follow our Club’s established
policies while on a Club ride, none of us are protected.
This does not mean no fun, it just simply means being
responsible for one another.
Feel free to direct any questions to any Executive member
for further clarification.
When needed, items will tabled for the Board of Directors to
review for clarification – that’s how it is supposed to
Ride lots and ride safe.

Greg Cushing