Plans for the Presqu’ile Pursuit ride.

Sunday October 6 We will meet 10:30 am at the Gate to Presqu’ile Park. Joanne has created a gentle on the legs 60 km ride. This will be at a nice pace, a chatty pace. Presqu’ile ride course

The Whistling Duck restaurant is the chosen place for something to eat after the ride. We will be informing the restaurant that we will be bringing 8-12 patrons. More riders can be accommodated if someone would like to sign up late but I will be phoning on Wednesday morning.

Friday or Saturday a weather forecast will be posted but dress warmer than normal as your output will be relaxed.

See you there.


  1. Sharon Lynn-Weese

    It’s pouring rain. It’s cancelled I assume?

    1. James Barnes (Post author)


  2. Adrian

    out of town


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