Pancakes Syrup and Peanut butter

Greetings and Hoppy Easter
The Cobourg Cycling Club held its annual official season
opener with the Pancake Ride.
This little jaunt to the brinks of Warkworth always proved
time well spent.
I know at my end, it has catapulted my fitness up several
The real story of course is the Maple Syrup.
What better way is there to celebrate our freedoms, our
beautiful landscapes and our great country than a pancake
The “Group of Seven” that we were today I think got our
money’s worth out of the effort.
This has become my favorite way to usher in the new riding
I am humbled by the energy of Jamie and again thanks to him
for organizing it again.
For those that did not make it this week, you have one lat
chance to get out for pancakes next weekend.
The syrup is of course available from many local vendors,
but what better check of our roots than to touch the trees.
Let’s keep the wheels going.