Northumberland Nasty

The Northumberland Nasty is on the Calendar.
May 12 2019 Starting at the Baltimore Recreation Centre
Departing at 10:00 am sharp!
This is a group ride that can be ridden at your own chosen pace.
There is no guarantee that a fast bunch will not be off the front. Let them go or try to hang on… your choice.

The name of the ride is The Northumberland NASTY!
The course includes Pavement, Gravel, Sand, Mud and maybe some water crossings. Road tires will not suffice. The smallest tire recommended are 32mm Cyclocross tires.
Please be self sufficient. Tubes, tools, water, food etc. A cell phone number will be supplied at the start for aid if needed. No sag wagons or intended sweeps on this ride.

The Peterborough Cycling Club has been invited to join us on this ride. We have been invited to join them on their Spring Classic mixed surface ride on May 5 . (Links and details to follow in a later post)

Good riding ahead