Nominations to Board of Directors

This is the call for Nominations to the Board of Directors.
The Cobourg Cycling Club Board of Directors consists of:

President — Greg Cushing
Vice President — Empty
Secretary — Harold Kuschnick
Treasurer — Janet Baitley
Ride Coordinator — Empty
Communications Director — James Barnes — Available
Membership — Cory Watts

Member(s) at Large —

Brent Aquino
Glenn Finlay
Roberto Almeida
Peter Hennesy
James Barnes
Members may nominate themselves or other members to any position on the Board of Directors with the consent of the nominee in order to be accepted for consideration during the elections.

If anyone would like to help with the direction of the club this is the best time to step up. Self nomination, nomination or voulunteering as a member at large is a great way to find your place on the Board.

The term is one year. The workload is approximately 1 hour per month during active months.

Attendance is very flexible. A meeting missed here and there is not detrimental to the function of the club.

The commitment is small, the feelings of accomplishment large…. well sometimes we basically don’t do too much but a lot still gets done.

If anyone has an interest in any of these positions please contact me or Dave and let us know before the AGM.