Mixing with the PCC

You may have heard that the Peterborough Cycling Club and the Cobourg Cycling Club are sharing some club rides with each other.

On May 5th 2019 members of the CCC have been invited to ride the PCC Spring Classic. The classic includes 28km of pavement, 12km of classic Kawartha dirt road, and 11km of pure cycling adventure. The description from the PCC can be found at http://peterboroughcc.com/event/pcc-spring-classic/

Check the event page even if you don’t plan to attend. It is a good read and may add to the excitement or a nee riding season.

If you plan to attend please ENSURE YOU READ AND UNDERSTAND THE RIDE PARTICIPATION GUIDELINES from the PCC. The link to the guidelines are on the page at the link above.

On May 12 we have invited the PCC to enjoy the Northumberland Nasty course with us.

(Strava) Northumberland Nasty 2019

Neither of these rides are races though some will ride a quicker pace than others.

Please be prepared to carry out your own repairs. Tubes, multi-tool, food, water etc.

Both rides are unsupported. Though sweeps for the Nasty are in the plans.

*** All Ontario HTA rules apply.

*** All OCA rules and Guidelines apply.

*** All club policies and guidelines apply.

*** It is your responsibility to understand and follow all of the above.