Gravel and Pavement Tonight

Don’t forget tonight in addition to the Thursday night group ride, there will be a no drop gravel ride at 6pm. starting at the Baltimore Community Centre. Quiet roads and shade.
No matter which ride you decide to participate, take fluids. Big bottles would likely be best.


  1. James Barnes (Post author)

    Sorry I messed that up. Gravel is all levels road is about 35kmh average speed.

  2. James Barnes (Post author)

    About 45km

  3. Sean Johnston

    Road ride is for all levels?

    1. James Barnes (Post author)


      1. Ian

        How can the road ride be all levels if the average speed is 35kmh an hour? This is confusing. Other members thought the Thursday road ride was not happening because of the gravel ride.

        1. James Barnes (Post author)

          That message was corrected. I have three different was to receive and send messages as some can figure out how to use the web page, some “don’t want to be on Facebook” and some don’t use email any more. The gravel ride was the all levels. Sorry for the confusion.

  4. Sean Johnston

    I’m new to the CCC, can you tell me what time the rides are tonight

    1. James Barnes (Post author)

      Both start at 6pm. Gravel at Baltimore, road at Diamond Head industrial park

    2. James Barnes (Post author)

      Cobourg Cycling Club also has a Facebook page.

    3. James Barnes (Post author)

      Tonight’s road ride has average of 30kmh+

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