***CCC TT Cancelled***

Many points of interest. Please read entire message.

Due to the lack of daylight the CCC TT has been cancelled for tomorrow night.
If I could slow the rotation of the earth I would. (Just put new tires and chain on my TT Bike that will have to wait now until April.
The final points tally will be along as soon as possible. Dave is away for a while but we will get things done.

The Pursuit has had a hard life the last few years. To try and keep some sort of end of the year event going the event has changed to a club ride in the area of Presqu’ile Provincial Park.
If you would like to join this ride please send an email to MTB@CobourgCyclingClub.com as soon as possible.
This event will take some time to organize. If we have enough wanting to attend we can have a picnic/BBQ if not…. maybe Pizza at Vito’s but we need to know right now.

So far only 6 persons have shown interest in the ride.

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  1. I’ll go if i’m around when is it tentatively going to happen. this will not be as much fun as a pursuit. I realize how difficult it was to run and without Chris it ended

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