Thursday Night Group/Tempo/whatever it is ride.

The CCC Thursday night group ride will soon be winding down. This week the sun sets at 7:27 pm. That really only leaves time for a ride of 1 hr ride leaving 15 minutes  +/-  leeway time. 

Tonight would be a great night to test the waters if you haven’t been out on a Thursday ride. A group of people who more or less know each other going out for a spirited ride for an hour. It is nowhere close to as hard as your brain is telling you. Not once have I heard of someone being dropped…. OK maybe up the hills or on a well-known segment but the group always waits at the next corner or hill-top.

Come on out enjoy a short ride with your friends. Smiles are pretty much a guarantee.

6pm Meet at the Mass parking lot at the Diamond Head Industrial building at 210 Willmott St.