From the President

Hi All

Today I met an living legend, Sven Marx.

Sven is 50 and has been travelling the world.

We have heard very little here of him but in Germany he has built a reputation.

Sven has a brainstem tumor and skin cancer.

His balance and vision are both affect but he can ride a bike.

There is something in the forward momentum of the bike and pedalling that is actually helping is rehab.

Please, take the time to look at his website.

​ ​

You must use Google Translate – he chose this because he has now been to so many countries.

Once you read a little of his story, I am sure you will catch a buzz.

He is not unlike the Terry Fox Story we all know so well.

If see a guy on a laden touring bike moving slowly in those rubber clogs, that’s him.

Ride along if you have time and give a show of support.

We all need inspiration from time to time – Sven brings it big time!