Planning and Planning ahead

Hi Club members.


Tuesday 27th  June we will do our 15Km time trial on the Shelter Valley course.  This will give everyone a chance to compare last year with this one.


Start usual place at the start of Shelter Valley road at Highway 2.  6.30 pm.


Next week we will have a hilly time trial instead of a hill climb.  Come out to find the difference.


Start 6.30 pm at the School at the south end of County road 10 in Welcome. Just north of Dale road.


The course will go north on 10 to 7th line.  Turn right (east) and go over the first two rises and the finish will be at the top of the third hill.  Distance 11 km.  As there is no place to congregate at the finish please ride back to the start and we will give everybody’s finish time at the school.


Hope for a rain free evening.