Shelter Valley TT Reminders (Please Read)

1) All riders of the time trial are reminded of the resurfacing of Shelter
Valley Road that took place earlier this season. This roadwork has deposited a thick layer of
pea gravel on the road shoulders. Avoid riding on the road shoulders. It is very
loose and slippery there. The hard surface of the road has discernible tracks to follow. These are the
better/smoother/faster lines on the road. Using the right hand line will ensure
that you avoid the pebbles and leave space for automobiles to pass.

2) All riders, please be aware that there is still on-going construction on the
tunnel for the creek. As a result, through the road tunnel, on the west side
(returning lane), there is a row of traffic delineators. Do not ride into these
pilon-like devices. The delineators are made of hard rubber. If you hit these,
they will win. Hold your line through the tunnel. Know where you are on the road
at all times.

Best of luck.

C y’all Tuesday,