Presqu’ile Pursuit Registration Don’t delay!

Time to sign up for the Presqu’ile Pursuit. Signing up early will help to ensure your proper starting Position.

As of this Posting 12 men and 3 women have committed to the event.

From Chris:

Numbers are strong at the moment with 15 already signed up. (This includes 3 women!) I know there are more people interested. I think we have the potential of 25 with a little bit of work. This would make it the best attended CCC event to date.

Published sign-up deadline was Wednesday Sept 28th to give Dave some time to run the start order.

Also looking to see if we’re on track with our volunteers? I’m assuming Dave is “in” but I also requested at least 1 Marshall (lighthouse) and a BBQ attendant. Second Marshall at the loop entrance would be nice but not entirely necessary if we’re short on people.
If you are not inclined to enter the event, volunteering to marshal is a nice way to participate. (

To register for the event or to volunteer please contact either Dave or Chris.