CCC Volunteers Needed!!!

The 2016 CCC season is soon to begin but in order to make this season a success we are looking for your help.  We have a need for the following volunteer positions.


This position will work with the ride leaders and communication director to help organize and communicate various club rides activities to the members.  Duties may include; communicating with the various ride leaders and communications director to help schedule new or existing rides to the membership; answering various ride related questions; help with defining the seasons event scheduling, etc.   This position does not require you to be a ride leader or attend all rides. Please email if you are interested in helping with this position.


To keep the existing weekly rides happening, and hopefully enable us to have more weekend rides, we need ride leaders.  This can be your opportunity to organize a ride on your favourite course (Fast, Slow, Long, Short, Hilly, Fat, Flat, Coffee, Lunch, etc) at your desired pace and goals.  The CCC Ride Leaders Guide can hopefully help answer any questions.  To have more rides we need more ride leaders therefore please email if you have any questions or would like to lead a ride.


If you are a member who has formal first aid and CPR training it would be appreciated if you could please email and let us know.  Knowing which members in our club have first aid training will help ensure we have people on rides that may be able to assist in case of an emergency if needed.