A message from our President.

Hi Everybody

It dawned on me that I have not posted anything to keep people up to date. So, here is goes.

Let’s start with what I know. The Kevin Raper Challenge Ride is coming up in the next two weeks. This is a 50 km event for the guys and 25 km for the gals. This will tip the scale on the old personal challenge meter. I highly recommend it though. The cost is $10 for members and $15 for non-CCC but OCA affiliated riders.

This year we want to help fellow member Rob Tinney with his fund raising. So, $5 goes to his tree sitting event.

Adrian Greenwood has come forward to take on the role of Ride Coordinator. If a CCC member wants to put a ride together for other clubsters to enjoy, let Adrian know. He can explain all the details. Just so you know, the reasoning behind this comes from the guidelines set down by the OCA. In order to get the insurance coverage for group rides we need to make sure that we work within the set boundaries. This is no big deal, but it is important for all CCC members and participants to be aware.

Regarding the CCC 15 km Individual Time Trial there is good news and bad news. First the good news is that overall the course is very good. It is tougher than Shelter Valley and slower because of it. The bad news is that attendance to the time trials is awkwardly low right now.

We have had our two “go-to courses disrupted for 2016. As much as it is a “nice to have” start in town or easy access off Highway 2, the reality is that the traffic volumes are changing here. I have done time trials on the north-east end of Toronto, the north-west end of Mississauga, Hamilton, Paris, Peterborough, Kingston, Ottawa, Chatham, The Eastern Townships of PQ; Killington, Vt; Auburn, NY; Fitchburg, Ma; and in a couple of places in Michigan.

Let me tell you that we have it really good here. We can argue the course is this or that but it does not hold water when volumes of cars and bike haters are factored in. It is hard to convince you how good you have it though and that is why I want to share my thoughts.

Any club that you belong to is what it is because you make it that way. I am hurts me see that the club membership has dropped by 25% this year. It hurts me to see the cycling growing like wildfire elsewhere yet watch it suffer in this club now. After all these years as a member, I become “The Guy” and things go for a slide. I am only one person. Whether I am in the feature picture or not should have little bearing on how you enjoy your club membership.

Somebody said to me that there is nothing for the non-competitive riders. So, what is it they want? I have not had anybody ask me about anything other than the time trials. So, what is it you need from me? What I would like to see is that Cobourg Cycling Club members get value from their belonging. Please, if there is something you think the Club needs to do better, tell us. We can only improve if we know what is broken.

Any member that wants to make some ride happen, or take part in a charity or what have you, bring it forward. There is still lots of good riding season left. Invite other Clubsters out and have some social activity around the day. Tell us about it on the social media of your choice. Let’s live while we have health, fair-winds and sunny skies.

I hope to see you on the road soon,


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  1. Great update Greg! How about a short survey monkey to see what everyone wants? Also maybe post Adrian’s contact info so he can be contacted to arrange group social rides. Do we register for Kevin Rapper ride or just show up? Very nice about the donation aspect….and very much appreciated. Thank you! ?

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