2015 Presquile Pursuit Race Report.

Seventeen riders made the drive out to the beautiful Presquile Park for the 3rd annual of the Presquile Pursuit.  With temperatures at a sweltering 14 degrees (compared to last years snow) racers were all smiles and enjoyed the beautiful conditions.  Excellent course marshalling, timing, and race organization from volunteers Dave and Dot Singfield, Roy Martin, Tom Lyle, Chris and Julie Herten, made for a safe, seamless day, of great racing and good food.  

After groups were assigned, riders discussed strategies to get them to the finish line first.  The familiar purgatory of pain of the Tuesday Night Time Trial was quickly remembered as riders rolled out and tried to maintain their advantage over the chasing groups behind.  Last on the road was the scratch group consisting of Brent, Tony, Greg, and Chris.  They must have had a paceline operating smoother than the wind profile of a deep dish wheel with the rate they were gaining on the field. Despite an impressive effort Martin and Ryan were caught on lap two, however were able to integrate with the scratch group and increase its firepower.  

Up the road Gord and Jeff had successfully bridge to Stewart, and the three were now tapping out a tempo more synchronized than a Rolex.  What then was thought to be a mere formality as the three rode towards the record books, was quickly spoiled when the mighty train of Janet, Adrian and Dennis appeared and had them locked in their sights.  It would be easier to climb Mt. Everest than hold off that high speed locomotive, and thus they were absorbed creating now two groups of 6 driving hard for the win.  

On the bell lap there was only a handful of seconds separating the two groups. With 4km to go the field came together to form the largest peloton in Presquile pursuit history consisting of 12 riders.  A bunch sprint was looking imminent as the pace eased slightly while riders began analyzing each other more than a contestant on the first episode of survivor.  With no immunity idol up for grabs, Martin sensed the softening of the bunch and stayed on the gas to get some daylight with 2km to go.   With no one willing to bridge, and some nice riding by Greg and others at the front, Martin was reeled in and the race was back together on the final turn.  With the finish line fast approaching Tony played his card first, and took a flyer inside the final km.  Tony looked to have made the winning move but with 300m to go OPG should have been taking readings, cause the CCC power levels were off the charts.  A window opened up down the left side and Brent hit the nitro to ride across the gap to Tony, then pressed on to become the 2015 Presquile Pursuit champion. Congratulation Brent,  as well Tony and Denis who rounded out the podium.  Thanks again to all the volunteers and we hope to see everyone out again next year. 

2015 Presquile results may be found here 2015 Presquile Pursuit Results