Weekend Racing

Firstly, a big thanks to all members who came out to the the Tom Jehlicka Crit this past Sunday your support is greatly appreciated.

Gord Plue, James Barnes, Tim Doris, Chris Herten, Emile Cabardos, and Jeff Clark all braved gale force winds yesterday in the TJ Crit with Emile bringing home a 1st place finish in the beginner’s race. Awesome job guys!

MTBing saw Glenn Finlay, Zach Winn, Will Winn, and Lee shooter competing in Substance Project’s J&J Kingston Trophy race with Zach coming away with a 2nd place finish!

Adrian Greenwood took 1st place in the Muskoka Grind Offroad Triathlon, what a race!

Click the image below to check out some great pics from the TJ Crit.

4 thoughts on “Weekend Racing

  1. Enjoyed the event! Thanks for hosting it. Great photos! Are the results posted anywhere?

    • Glad you enjoyed yourself Richard. Looking into getting the results posted soon.

  2. Let’s not forget our juniors ….

    OAT Provincial Draft Legal Championships

    Congrats to Madison Hathaway, Oliver Blecher, Domi Jamnicky (2nd overall) and Jacob Jamnicky (1st overall!)

    Well done!

  3. Thanks for posting the great pics!
    Lots of fun. Thx to Greg and crew for a great day of racing.

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