Tempo and Casual Rides Thursday, August 23rd 6:15pm

This Thursday, August 23rd, we’ll be hosting another tempo ride as well as a slightly shorter casual ride leaving from the Mill Parking on Ontario St. I figure we’ll leave at 6:15pm this time just to get a little bit more daylight out of our ride and then meet back at the mill for a brew.

The Casual Ride

A 47km route will take you out to Grafton and back on some beautiful country roads. There are a few climbs but nothing crazy and a great downhill into Grafton from the North. Ride departs the Mill parking lot at 6:15pm.

Click here for the route (runs clockwise)

The Tempo Ride

We’ll do another 60km loop and once again, we’ll aim for a 30km/h average pace where we’ll work on safe group riding skills and single pace line technique (double if we have enough people). If there are enough people interested in this type of riding that feel the 30km/hr pace is just a little too fast, we can form a second group of riders that would do the same loop at a slightly slower speed of maybe 27km/hr average (still a tempo ride). Though we’ll be working on some fundamental skills, please keep in mind that this is not a beginner ride and we’d recommend choosing the casual ride until you feel comfortable that you can maintain the faster pace.   Ride departs the mill parking lot at 6:15pm

Click here for the route (it runs clockwise)